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Hi there! As you may have seen in my “blogger’s profile”, I have Type 3 skin tone and Oily/Combination and Sensitive skin type. I have done my research and found out that there are specific categories of skin tones. *Disclaimer: This is not for racism purposes but for additional information only* I found a skin chart that is called the “Fitzpatrick Scale”. This scale aims to recognize the different needs of the different skin tones. For example, Type 1: Pale, porcelain, or ivory skin needs at least SPF 30 because they are prone to sun burn. As for Type 6: Mahogany, espresso, or black skin needs only SPF 15 because the skin will never burn due to having high melanin production. That is all according to the Fitzpatrick scale. I am telling you this for “educational” purposes so that you may know what your skin needs best.

*melanin- the one responsible for our skin tone. Too little the whiter you get and too much the darker you get.

skin tone
Skin Tones

For the skin type, there are 5 skin types namely, oily, dry, normal. combination, and sensitive. Knowing your skin type is an extremely valuable information in choosing your make-up.
According to, Normal skin type is described as not too oily and not too dry, the skin has a radiant complexion, no to a few imperfections, and less visible pores. Oily skin type may have a dull, shiny, thick complexion, enlarged pores, and are likely to have blemishes. Dry skin type may have less visible pores, dull, rough complexion and more visible fine lines. Combination skin type may experience oiliness in the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) and dry to normal in the other areas. Sensitive skin type is described as having a red, irritated, patchy skin. Sensitive skin type, from the word itself, you must be extra cautious in choosing you make-up and skin care products.

Skin Types


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