Cranberry Glam Look | Fall Glam Look

Hey there!

If you want to achieve this look just keep of reading…

As you may have know, warm colors are on trend specifically reds and oranges. Palettes with warm shade range are being release left and right! Beauty gurus like Jaclyn Hill raved about the shade range of Morphe 35O. Manny MUA, another beauty guru, raved about the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette.

Some may describe them as fall colors but its in trend like for the whole year and not just fall. I, myself, never thought that I would like reds and oranges for my eyes, but  I did! And now I am dying for it! 

In this tutorial, I’ll be showing you how I achieved this look. It is very easy. The products that I used are very affordable so could recreate it in a snap! Also, this tutorial is specifically for women with hooded eyes because we all know how difficult it is to apply eyeshadow to a hooded eye. 

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I’ll see all next time!


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