Everyday Makeup | School Appropriate Makeup

Hey there!

I am back! I am here to share my everyday makeup which is also school appropriate and daytime appropriate as well. I used a foundation here just because I was currently breaking out but I usually do not use foundation in a day to day basis. I also do not contour daily, I did as a suggestion and for that extra “umphf”. I normally follow the procedure cleanse > tone > moisturize > sunblock > primer > foundation (optional) > concealer > powder > eyebrows > eyelash > light contouring (optional) > blush > highlight (optional but highly recommended) > lipstick/stain/balm.

I live in a very humid counrty. I easily become sweaty and oily so that is why less is indeed more. The products that I used are sweat-proof (except for the body shop foundation and nars tinted moisturizer) to withstand the humidity. As I have said I normally do not use liquid foundation in a day to day basis, I typically only use concealer and powder foundation.

Without further ado here is the tutorial…

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