The Face Shop’s Designing Eyebrow Pencil versus Etude House’s Drawing Pencil Eye Brow

Hi there!
Kpop is taking over the world! Actually, so as korean dramas! No, even korean cosmetics are a huge thing now! 

Today, I will review and compare two of the most popular eyebrow pencil in the K industry. On my left eyebrow, I will be applying the Face Shop’s Designing Eyebrow Pencil while on my right eyebrow, I will be using the Etude House’s Drawing Pencil Eye Brow. 

Let’s get started

I will start with my natural brows

natural brows

I will put the Face Shop on MY left eyebrow and the Etude House goes on to MY right eyebrow

I will do MY right eyebrow first using the Etude House in the shade “brown”


Now, I will the Face Shop on to MY left eyebrow. The shade is “Gray Brown”

werk it

The result…..

uhuh, honey
MY left face shop MY right etude house

Both products have the same packaging. A spooly at the one end and a pencil at the other end. Both are also made up of light plastic. The pencil is a twisty type. You have to twist it in order for the actual pencil to show. Both also comes with a slanted pencil. 


I can’t really compare the shades cause I bought two different ones 🔫.

The Face Shop’s is much creamier that Etude House’s.


The Face Shop is better if you’re trying to achieve the no make up make up look. Etude House is better if you’re trying to make your brows look more dramatic. If you are familiar with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer, this is a good alternative for that.
Till nex time!


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