Review on Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit in True Brown K

Product: Kylie Jenner Lip Kit

Where to buy: online shops

Bought it from: cookiemomstercloset

Hi there!

As of today, as of this very second, Kylie Lip Kits are sold everywhere and whenever  Kylie launches new shades or restocks, it is imemediately sold out!!! Kylie Jenner launched her  lip kits late last year with just three shades (Dolce K, Candy K, and True Brown K) since then, Kylie keeps on releasing new lines (gloss and metallic) and shades (Posie K, Koko K, Kourt K, Mary Jo K, 22, Exposed, Dead of Knight,Skylie, and Freedom)

My last post was about my mini July haul. I found an Instagram seller who is disposing all of her make-ups because she needs to migrate to Singapore and she’s not planning to carry all of her make-up collection. She was so kind to give me and gave me huge discount in order for me to buy my very first Kylie lip kit in the shade True Brown K.

The lip kit basically contains 1 liquid lipstick and 1 lip liner. Note that, authentic lip kits contains a liquid lipstick and a lip liner, otherwise, if not it could be a fake. The liquid lipstick is about 0.11 fl oz. and the lip liner is .03 oz.



doe applicator
At first, I thought I wouldn’t like the packaging because I thought it was made up of cheap plastic, but I was wrong. The packaging of the liquid lipstick is made up if a quite heavy and thick plastic, it doesn’t look and feel cheap at all. The design is some sort of “dripping paint” art which is very Kylie-esque. The box’s design is Kylie’s lips with the shade that you are purchasing is the “paint drippings” design (get it?). The sides are colored with the shade that you purchased as well. The name of the shade can be found on top of the box. And at the back of the box, you can find Kylie’s “tips” in using this lip kit (but it’s kinda obvious how you put this on, actually,so that tip is useless). It also comes with a doe applicator which is nice.


The scent is a very crucial thing in determining if your lip kit is authentic or not. Keep this in mind that Kylie’s lip kits smells like vanilla. The scent is long-lasting sometimes I can still smell the vanilla scent even if it’s on my lips. Don’t let the seller fool you by saying “there’s a scent before but it just disappeared.” No, the scent won’t disappear. So, yeah that’s another tip.


The Kylie lip kits retails for about $29 if you’re from the US and if you purchased it in Kylie’s website. In the Philippines, it’s quite pricey due to shipping and taxes. The price ranges from 1,800-3,100 pesos. Haha 3,100 pesos. (I mean why would you purchase that, that’s just absurd. I mean, you can actually find a lip kit that is priced at 2,500 so I don’t know why people buy lip kits that are priced at 3100…and why would sellers price their lip kits that much…. Hmmmm…. But hey maybe they’re rich af)


tried to remove it with water and by rubbing it vigorously


As for the longevity, it is incredible. The liquid lipstick settles fast (like 30 seconds) and once it settles it’s transfer proof and smudge proof. As per removing it, I’ve tried to remove it with water and it didn’t so you have to remove it either by an oil-based make-up removal or in my case olive oil. I drank coffee and I ate a cake, it didn’t smudge. For dinner, I ate stir-fried noodles and other oily foods, it didn’t smudge totally but you have to retouch in your inner lip.


It has a velvet matte finish which is very pretty to look at, though as time progresses this really dries out your lips and be kind of flaky and it settles in the dry lines of your lips ,but it’s a matte lipstick so it’s to be expected.


As I have said earlier, there a number of gorgeous shades to choose from. There are nudes, reds, plum, black, browns, and blues.


I got the shade True Brown K. It is a deep brown color.

without flash
with flash

Perfect for

Those who are willing to spend a little more for a lipstick and those who have less dry lips.



  • Wide range of shades
  • Longevity
  • Velvet matte finish
  • Vanilla scent


  • Drying (for dry lips)
  • Availability
  • Price (in the Philippines)
  • There’s a specific dupe for almost every shade (Colourpop)
  • Fake ones are sold everywhere as well


my bare lips
my lips lined with the lip liner
with liner and liquid lipstick


Till next time!


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