How not to get scammed when buying online

Hi there!

I think almost all of us here wants to buy online cause it’s cheaper (less tax) and there are just some things that are available online but not in our local retail store. I am here today to try and give some background knowledge and some tips as well as on how not to get scammed when buying online.


I have bought a few products online. Recently, I bought my July haul and Nars Orgasm Blush-on online. I would like to be honest here, I have already been a victim of bogus sellers. Early last year, I wanted to buy an Iphone 5s and I posted a wanted ad in a popular buy and sell website in the Philippines. I was in school when somebody gave me a call and told me he likes to swap my, then phone, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 for his wife’s Iphone 5s. I was overjoyed because he told me his wife’s Iphone 5s is good as brand new with a 64gb memory. I really leaped with joy when I heard that. Then, he keeps on insisting that I have to give him the money and send it through Smart Padala ASAP. I told him I was still in school and if he could wait until my dismissal for me to pay. He said he can’t and that there are a lot of buyers for his wife’s phone so I said that I will go home and will immediately send my payment through SMART Padala. He agreed. On my way home, I actually fell asleep on the bus and woke up when I was near my stop. When I got off the bus I checked my phone and received a ton of messages and missed calls from that guy telling me that they’ve sent the package (the Iphone 5S) to me so they’re worried if I’m scamming them. I reassured them that I’m not and that I’m on my way to pay them. He asked only for 2,000 pesos as an added payment fee for our swap of gadgets since the iPhone 5S has a higher value than of my Samsung Galaxy Note 3. He sent me the picture that he claims is the receipt and proof that he indeed sent away my package along with his “I.D.”. Well, SMART Padala goes like this, you go to a store or a stand that offers “SMART Padala” then you will give the number and the amount you need to pay/send. Easy right? By “easy”, I mean for the scammers to scam people due to low security needed. BUT, you need to give him the reference I.D. to the one you send the money to in order for them to claim it. After him giving his proof that he has sent me the package, I was confident that he and the receipt is legit, I sent him the reference I.D. He said thank you. The next day, I can’t contact him anymore. He blocked my number but he’s number was still the same because I tried to contact him using another number, though I thought “Karma will do the rest”. Long story short, I got scammed by a low life.

Without further a do

Here are the tips:

1.) If the price if too good to be true, it must be a scam/bogus/fake


This is like pretty obvious, but I was scammed as well so I guess it is not that obvious after all.

2.) Ask for the MOP or Mode of Payment

This is a crucial information. Ask the seller what’s his MOP and if the seller replies with “BDO/BPI” or in other words a prominent bank, you are good to go. At least, if he/she  scams you, you have their identity and bank account. If the seller replies with “SMART Padala/ Globe Cash” or just a mode of payment with no security check or some sort (you get me, right?), just DON’T. DON’T BUY IN ONLINE SHOPS THAT DON’T LET YOU PAY TO A PROMINENT BANK, okay?!

3.) Ask for feedbacks

If the online seller claims that he’s a “newbie”, you have to be very cautious and wait for them to have feedbacks. Don’t rush into things. It’s okay to be safe than sorry.

4.) The seller doesn’t do meet-ups

Though this is not 100% true, there are still evidences that those who are refusing to do a meet-up (AGAIN NOT ALL SELLERS) is a bogus one.

5.) Closely look at the pictures they are trying to sell


If you look closely you will notice that the lighting is too on fleek, more like of a studio photography (you know what I’m saying?). If that’s the case the seller might got it from the internet (obviously). Ask for an “on hand” picture.

6.) Closely look at the followers

This is not 100% accurate but most likely it will give you knowledge about the seller’s status. If the seller’s account has like 100k followers or more chances are, she is a legit seller.

7.) For fake ones, do your own close research

MAC, Chanel, Kylie Lip Kit, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and Urban Decay are like the most commonly faked items. If the price is too good to be true, it’s fake (TIP #1). ABH Brow Pomade costs around 1,000-1,500 in the Philippines, if you saw an ad selling it for 120 pesos.. (c’mon, dear) it is definitely a fake. If you are not confident enough with your research or you’re just not sure whether the item is authentic or not , then, don’t buy it.


I hope I helped y’all with these tips of mine. Happy online shopping.




P.S. the pictures are not mine nor do I claim them to be mine.


Till next time!




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