The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation Review

Product: The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation

Where to buy: The Body Shop stores

 How much: 1300+ pesos (I got this from a sale. I paid 1000 pesos)

Disclaimer: This review is based on my opinion. My opinion is based on my skin type and skin tone. This might be accurate for you if we have the same skin tone and/or skin type. Results may vary….. Happy reading!
Hi there!
Today, I am going to review The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation in the shade Atlas Dunes 045. Atlas Dunes, if I’m not mistaken, is not the second to the last darkest shade in the entire collection but from where I bought it it seems like it is the second to the last darkest shade. This foundation has a total of 16 shades to choose from. First things first, I am going to tell you what are the said claims to this foundation.Well, the foundation’s finish is said to be semi-matte and the coverage is light-medium. It also claims to have 24 hour moisturization. It has SPF 15 and is also suitable for sensitive skin. It is also paraben free. *yey!*
I really get oily around my nose and a little bit oily around my forehead. I was hesitant in buying this because I’m just not impress with The Body Shop’s cosmetics line but it was on sale and the lady insisted that it does not transfer and such (because in the Philippines it is an  important factor that it does not transfer due to the humid weather). And!!! Just because I was too shy in turning them down because they’ve tested all sorts of make-ups on my face. Funny right? Hahaha! I wonder if I’m the only one who gets shy whenever the sales lady put all sorts of make up on my face yet I still haven’t find anything impressive to buy. But, yeah, I bought it.
I have been using the foundation for about a 2 months now and I’ve already tried applying it with a beauty blender, my hands, and a brush so I’m pretty confident I can give you a decent review.
Here it goes….
For the past months, I’ve been using it for like 2-4 times a week. All I can say is, I hate it but I love it at the same time. Like, there were days that I really loved it and there were days that I really hated it. During the days that I loved it, I have no to minimal blemishes ( like just a zit or 2). During the days that I hated it, I have a few blemishes here and there or my skin is just not cooperating with me nor with this foundation, I JUST DON’T KNOW. Yes, there were times that this foundation is just not working for me and I don’t know the reason.



The packaging is quite simple yet slick. It doesn’t come with a box. The container is a thick glass and it’s quite heavy. I like it that it is heavy because I feel like it is expensive and the make-up is of high quality. It also has a pump.The only problem with the packaging is the cap, it easily comes loose.


The claim is supposed to be “semi-matte”,naw hell naw! Well, at least in my case it didn’t. It has a dewy finish. And I’ve did my own research about reviews on this product and they all said that it has a dewy finish and not a semi-matte finish and I don’t know I am a fan of the dewy effect blah blah trend but the finish of this foundation is just a tad bit oily for me. It doesn’t look like a “dewy effect”, it looks more like an “oily effect” to me. Though this may appear semi-matte to dry skinned type girls.


The coverage is light. I think it is not buildable or may it is semi-builable. I’ve tried to like “build” it to a medium coverage to cover 1 “tiny major” blemish of mine and it just looked cakey and if you really look at your skin very close in the mirror you can see it really does cake. Mind you people, I have a primer on.

Staying power

Y’all still remember when the lady said it did not transfer? WRONG! It did transfer and it transferred a lot. I usually set this with my MAC Studio Fix Foundation Powder but still it did not settle down. Even when I’m not doing anything or the temperature is not that hot it still transfers on to my clothes and handkerchief. Like, when I just pat my handkerchief around my nose, I can clearly see the transfer. The staying power is not impressive especially if you’re living in a hot and humid country like the Philippines. Like what I have said earlier, even if you actually “build” this foundation to cover up a major blemish/es the foundation will just melt away maybe 3-4 hours. I am currently wearing this foundation as I type this and I did get oily 2 hours after application.


The smell is amazing! I cannot describe it but to me it smells nice. It can be too overpowering to people who are not too fond of foundations with fragrances.

Perfect for those:

I think that it is perfect for those who have normal and dry skin types and those who have no to minimal imperfections. It is also perfect for those who are working in an office where it is cold so that it doesn’t melt nor transfer. It is also perfect for when you want to achieve that dewy effect.


  • Nice dewy effect (a pro for those who have dry to normal skin type)
  • Wide range of shades (though not sure if all the shades are available in the Philippines
  • Affordable
  • Paraben free
  • The scent
  • has SPF15
  • Can be easily blended


  • Dewy effect (a con for those who have oily and combination skin type)
  • Transfers easily
  • Melts easily
  • Light coverage (a con for those who wants a medium-full coverage)
  • Can look cakey if layered on

How I apply it:

I start with a clean moisturized face
Then I dot the foundation all over my face
I blend it with my beauty blender
*I dot another layer of foundation onto my blemishes (I have 3 major blemishes right now: upper lip, left upper eyebrow, and right upper cheek)
I blend it again*
This is me with complete make-up
For my complete make-up I used these
This is me 6 hours later with no retouch
Till next time!

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