My July Haul

Hi there!

I am a sucker for make-up sale or  just the word SALE. I go “gaga” whenever I see sale signs from my favorite brands! I mean who would not right? In the Philippines, brands such as MAC, Nars, Laura Mercier, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Stilla, Estee Lauder, and etc. (well, high end make-up in general) rarely to NEVER go on sale!!! As a college student whose got an obsession with make-up, I get heartbroken whenever I see the prices of those high end brands!


I was so desperate to buy another set of make-up, so I took the courage and buy online specifically in instagram. I know y’all say “FAKE FAKE FAKE”. Well, that was my main concern before. I learned that with the proper knowledge you will know if the product you will be buying is a prada or a nada. As I was saying, I saw this online shop in instagram and her products are heavenly!!! Like, super duper high end though some were pre-loved some were brand new. By high end, I mean, Guerlain, Tom Ford, Chanel, Burberry, and other more. The prices? Oh boy, they are heavenly as well!!! So I took up the courage and contact the seller and I was convinced that all of her products are 101% legit as f—! And so I bought the products that I think I needed the most. I got the products the next day through a meet up. Plus, she gave me 2 freebies, 1 NYX eyeshadow and 1 facial mask.

As for the thing that I bought. I will list them down below

Beauty Blender

MAC Pro Long Wear Concealer

Kylie Lip kit in True Brown K

july haul

I will also be doing individual reviews for each product.

Oh, by the way, the intagram account of the seller is cookiemomstercloset 😉



Till next time!



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